Women of Christmas – Devotion #9

by Kathy

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As we close out the Women of Christmas study, I want to share a few final thoughts with you as you prepare in the next few days to celebrate Christmas with your loved ones.


We have spent the last several weeks looking at three women in the story of Christmas.  All three of them were drawn to the Christ child.

Elizabeth anticipated his coming.

Mary welcomed his arrival.

Anna announced his presence.

But in the end, each of these women in the Christmas story quietly step aside to make room for the One who truly matters…

“And the child grew and became strong;

he was filled with wisdom, and the grace of God was upon Him”

Luke 2:40

I just love that as the nativity story ends in Luke 2, the remaining verses have only to do with Jesus!!   He is the only One that matters!

As Jesus grew and developed, he became strong, not only muscularly as a carpenter, but spiritually.  His heavenly father poured into him, filling him with wisdom and truth.  Jesus wasn’t born speaking, feeding himself, or walking.   He had to grow, inside and out.  He had to be made like us fully human in every way (Hebrews 2:17), yet without sin so that one day he could fully atone for our sin.  Praise God for this indescribable and perfect gift – His Son – Immanuel – God with us!!

I want to share Liz Curtis Higgs’ words as she finishes her book…

“By the power of the Holy Spirit, the women of Christmas did their part, anticipating the Lord’s advent, dedicating their lives to his service, and honoring his sacred name even before he was born.  Now it falls to us, two thousand years later, to follow in their footsteps.  To tell everyone we know about Jesus.  To say words such as miracle and angel without apology, because they’re true.  To see the light of Christ shining through the ages and lift our candles to light the way for others.  To join the heavenly hosts singing “Glory, glory, glory!  Glory to God in the highest!  Amen and amen.”

Lets Pause for Heart Application

Before you greet friends and family…before the noise of loved ones fill the rooms you are in…before gift wrap is strewn across the floor from opened gifts…will you take a moment or two to step quietly away and make room for the One who truly matters?  Perhaps you can take time to re-read the nativity story again in Luke 1 & 2. Thank Him for the gift of who He is and the gift He has extended to you.  Offer yourself as a woman who desires to follow in the steps of Elizabeth, Mary and Anna of seeking Him, serving Him and honoring His name.  Thank Him for the strength and wisdom He will give you to accomplish His purposes in your life.

Thank you so much for allowing me the privilege in sharing my heart with you these last few weeks as we have studied the Women of Christmas.  I pray that God has used these devotionals to point you to Him – the only One that matters!!

My blog postings will return some time in January.  I am taking some time off to make a little more room for Him in the next few days and celebrate with my family.  Please be in prayer for me as I seek God in determining what He would have me share with you via this blog in the coming year.

Wishing each one of you a very Merry Christmas ~

With love and grace,







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