Women of Christmas – Devotional #4

by Kathy

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If you are reading Women of Christmas Liz Curtis Higgs:  Read Chapter 3 – The Virgin Mother Kind

Luke 1:26-38

When we meet Mary for the first time in Scripture, she is a young girl, probably between the ages of 12 and 16, and engaged to be married to Joseph.  No doubt, this was just an ordinary day when suddenly the angel, Gabriel, appeared and announced to Mary news that certainly must have startled and confused her, to say the least.  Gabriel tells her that she will conceive a son, that his name would be Jesus, and that he would be called the Son of the Most High.

I love what Liz Curtis Higgs writes in her book about this encounter and announcement:

“Did her knees grow weak as the truth sank in?

Lord.  God.  King.   For centuries Jewish women had

hoped that one of them might become the mother of the Messiah.

The fact that Mary was still standing, still breathing,

still listening was a tribute to her courage.”

After Gabriel announces the news that will change not only her world, but the entire world, Mary asks Gabriel a question – How will this be since I am a virgin?  Remember, Zechariah also asked Gabriel a question in Luke 1:18.  However, Zechariah’s question was based on doubting God and wanting proof.  (See Devotional #2)  Mary’s question wasn’t doubt, she simply needed to know the how, “seeing I know not a man”.  Mary was a virgin.

Gabriel answers Mary’s question with an explanation that the Holy Spirit would come upon her.  As she is hearing this I imagine all the things that would be going on in my head had I heard this news.  And they would all be leading to “how in the world?!!” type scenarios.  Gabriel ends his explanation with “Nothing is impossible with God.” (Luke 1:36).  To make this an even more tangible understanding for her, Gabriel goes on to tell her that her childless cousin Elizabeth, who was too old to have a baby, was already in her sixth month!

When God sends Gabriel to interrupt Mary’s day, her response reveals such a beautiful picture of her humble, serving heart – a heart that simply would trust God no matter how impossible,  how difficult, how embarrassing, how misunderstood this new journey would be in her life.  She responds, “May it be to me as you have said”.  Mary trusted God and therefore was willing!

Let’s pause for heart application.

As you go through this Christmas season, look for ways that God wants to surprise you and interrupt your day for His purposes and plans.  Spend time in prayer today, purposing to surrender your heart to the tasks/assignments God lays on your heart in the days to come.

Perhaps you will think in your heart – this is impossible to do – as He interrupts your day with:

  • Encouraging your heart to stick closely with your gift-giving budget
  • Encouraging your heart to give abundantly towards a need you hear about
  • Needing to forgive someone
  • Needing to extend grace to someone unlovely to you
  • Asking you to witness to your neighbor, friend or co-worker
  • A call asking you to serve in some way that will glorify Him
  • Asking you to pray for someone who is attacking your reputation
  • Encouragement to give your worries and concerns to Him
  • A call to come and sit a bit in His presence and make room for Him in your heart
  • Encouragement to offer a kind word instead of being harsh and angry
  • Asking you to do something that feels way out of your comfort zone
  • Asking you to be Christ-like to all those around you, especially when you are tired and overwhelmed

I have no doubt that God will interrupt you over and over in the coming days.  Will your hearts be full of trust like Mary’s was and eagerly say, “Yes, Lord”?

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