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Summer Worship Wednesday – His Marvelous Grace

I was born on August 27.  This Friday, my sweet husband has planned an “out on the town” birthday dinner party for me, surrounded by our adult children (we have 5, including our wonderful daughter-in-laws)  I love spending time with each one of them! When my birthday rolls around each year, I am always amazed by how fast time passes.  […]

Summer Worship Wednesday – The Immeasurable Power of His Word

  This summer, my heart has been deeply drawn to worshipping God by journaling scripture verses, focusing on the abundant power of God, His promises, His character and how these truths can be applied to my daily living and heart longings.   I love the sweet time of prayer that I have with God as I pray these scriptures […]

Summer Worship Wednesdays – Feeling Tongue-Tied?

Ever have one of those days where you find it hard to praise and worship God?  When this happens to me, it is usually because I am so focused on my fears, anxieties and hurts, that I forget how and why I should praise Him.  The Psalms have taught me so much about praising God.  When […]

Summer Worship Wednesday -Praising God For The Beauty He Has Created


Summer Worship Wednesday – Seeking His Presence

  Have you heard of this hymn –  “Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing”?    It was one of the first hymns I learned to play on the piano as a young girl.  Every now and then, I pull out an old hymn book, place my fingers on the piano keys and play and sing this old hymn.  Here are a […]

Summer Worship Wednesdays – Worshipping Him Through The Uncluttering

  A year ago, I started the task of going through every room upstairs in our house.  This included tearing down wallpaper, going through closets, reorganizing, and painting each room with a new color palette we had chosen for our home.  As I decided what items would be kept and stored, I made my way […]

Summer Worship Wednesdays – Unchanging God

  My last few weeks could be titled “constant change”.  Every time I turn around, I am experiencing a new problem or a need to change plans.  This past weekend, I anticipated taking some time to relax in my pool.  There is something about getting on a float with a tall glass of freshly brewed iced tea and a great book that […]

Summer Worship Wednesdays – His Mercies Never End

  Last week was filled with one interruption after another.  Nothing seemed to fit in place.  It all started when the painters arrived to paint the entire outside and a portion of the inside of our house.  Oh, did I mention that it was three weeks earlier than they had originally told me?  They had […]